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  Voiliers Albas                               Les navigateurs de demain

  • What is the educational interest of this toy?
    Your child will experiment with Archimedes' principle, understand the four forces that act on a boat to make it move forward. A natural gesture by taking it by the mast will keep the foam safe. He will perceive that the force of the wind increases very quickly with his speed. Understand that with water, wind, wood and sails you can cross the oceans, consuming zero carbon. Wonderful by the beauty of his vessel, an eco-friendly wooden toy that has been unisex for centuries, he is taking his first steps in understanding the oceans, humanity's primary resource. The seas are the main providers of oxygen, fresh water, material and immaterial goods thanks to cargo ships and undersea internet cables. The oceans are the first regulators of the climate and many other things to discover. The oceans remain a frontier, a terra incognita.
  • Won't the sailboat stay  immobilized in the middle of the water?
    Even imperceptibly, there is always a bit of wind, an Albas sailboat will always be able to use a light breeze to cross the basin. The only condition to take back the sailboat is that all sides of the basin are accessible. In general there is always enough water to let the keel pass. If you do not have the possibility of accessing all the shores of the body of water, you can tie your Albas with a fishing line and bring it back with the reel of a small fishing rod. Pass the wire through the chainplate that holds the forestay and tie the end of the wire to the mast foot.
  • How to handle the boat?
    To transport it, the boat can be held by its keel. The rudder cannot be used to hold it. Sails are only made to be touched by the wind. Launching it safely is child's play, just grab it by the top of the mast with three fingers and put the boat in its element. No need to push it, let the wind do it. When it returns to the edge, lift it slightly from the top of the mast, turn in its new direction with three fingers and your Albas will spring back spontaneously. No need for a cane to push it.
  • is the boat in danger of sinking?
    An Albas is solid wood, there is no risk of it sinking.
  • Can the boat turn around?
    The boat can tilt, depending on the strength and direction of the wind. This inclination is proof that there is wind and that the boat transforms this force to move forward. If the boat was tilted horizontally, the sails would no longer receive any wind and the boat would right itself. Like the toys called culbuto, they can be tilted by pressing more or less on their head, they always return to balance. Since Newton, gravity is permanent. So your sailboat, even very light, compared to its ancestors of the last century, will never turn over. If the boat is not tilted, it is that it does not receive any wind. So he's arrested, not LOL. Listing (inclination) is a normal component of navigation.
  • From what age can the child play?
    The baby in his stroller will loudly show his interest in this sailing toy. Only his eyes will benefit. From the age of five, under the guidance of an adult, children can make the gesture of putting their toy in the water, by grabbing it with three fingers from the top of the mast. The adult will explain the wind and trim the sails. At around 7-8 years old, children can become independent in their play: understanding the wind, adjusting the sails, launching and retrieving the toy. At around 9-10 years old, the spinnaker has no more secrets for him and he will teach you that being green is fun! From 4/5 years old ALBAS 35 height 70cm, swimming pool From 6/7 years old ALBAS 42 height 79cm, swimming pool, basin From 7/8 years old ALBAS 52 height 98cm, basin, pond From 9/10 years old ALBAS 65 height 127cm, pool, lake, bay
  • Is the sailboat fragile?
    A sailboat withstands fresh water, sea water, wind. It does not like soil or stones. You can put it on the grass. The stone edge of the basin or any hard object will mark the hull. The boat must not be seized by the sails or its rudder. The hull, the keel, the top of the mast can be seized. It is protected by a small metal piece at the front, so that the front does not hit the edge of the pool. For the ALBAS 35, 42 and 65, after each use, remove the keel to dry the inside of the keel well. Do not let the sailboat stay in the water, once the game is over, take it out of the water and let it dry.
  • How to maintain the toy?
    Rinse it gently with fresh water, wipe off any stains with a damp sponge. Galvanized steel or brass fittings won't rust. After each use, remove the keel (remove the keel) from your ALBAS 35, 42 and 65 to dry the inside of the keel well.
  • Can an Albas be repaired?
    These handcrafted toys are easily repairable. A little wood putty will repair an impact on the hull, a sail can be patched up with tape. Captain Albas provides after-sales service, send him a photo of the damage and he will give you an estimate.
  • How to learn to sail?
    Do you have a navigation lesson by Captain Albas called "Mom, do small boats have legs?" on the first page of the site. If it's not clear, ask him directly with the "contact the Cap'tain" button
  • where to sail?
    Go to the website You will find many tips on pond sailboats. Register, you will have access to the "list of pools" listed in France by its members. In the Paris region, you have the choice: Tuileries Garden, Luxembourg, Parc de Sceaux, Parc de Saint Cloud...


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